Investigation can be for matrimonial, fraud or tracing purposes.

Tracing missing people for private purposes such as family members just to keep, or renew, contact. Or for


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Surveillance can be needed for both private and commercial purposes. Private clients may want to check on a partner or even a child. Commercially it could be used to check on employee, or


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.GPS tracking can be used to monitor the location of people, vehicles, goods in transit. This is real time tracking and can locate where a person, package or vehicle is and has been. It can also be


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We are often called on to physically observe or follow someone in order to allay fears that the person is being deceptive but also to observe a family member to ensure their safety. Much surveillance is now carried out using cameras and other recording and tracking devises.

Remember consulting us is in strictest confidence and we will ensure that the subject of surveillance will not know that they are observed or the identity of the client. For private clients this is usually to gather information on a family member, spouse or friend. For business clients it could be an employee, or even a competitor Local Authorities may require information on fly tipping, dog fouling, or vandalism. Evidence can be gathered on antisocial behaviour or other neighbourhood problems. Surveillance may also include remote use of technology such as concealed recording devices analysis of texting and computer activity.


Surveillance can include detection of benefit fraud where false claims are made in regard to cohabiting, working and claming disability while fit to work. Possession of lost/stolen goods and even “dog napping “can be resolved through covert surveillance. Commercially it can provide evidence of employee misconduct, fraud or theft. Rogue traders and contractors can be observed and exposed. Sometimes undercover methods are required and secret shopping to check on fraud or mismanagement.




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