Investigation can be for matrimonial, fraud or tracing purposes.

Tracing missing people for private purposes such as family members just to keep, or renew, contact. Or for


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Surveillance can be needed for both private and commercial purposes. Private clients may want to check on a partner or even a child. Commercially it could be used to check on employee, or


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.GPS tracking can be used to monitor the location of people, vehicles, goods in transit. This is real time tracking and can locate where a person, package or vehicle is and has been. It can also be


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Tracking is now mostly by miniature GPS devices which not only log journeys but also show in real time where a person, vehicle, boat, or parcel is located.

This facilitates the tracking and location of people for private or commercial clients.


Maybe you want to know where that valuable package is going, or need to check on a delivery van. Maybe you are lending your vehicle to someone or wish to keep a check on a family member. Even a gap year student travelling the world could be more secure if easily located.


Other forms of tracking can be tracking computer activity or mobile phone use.

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