Investigation can be for matrimonial, fraud or tracing purposes.

Tracing missing people for private purposes such as family members just to keep, or renew, contact. Or for


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Surveillance can be needed for both private and commercial purposes. Private clients may want to check on a partner or even a child. Commercially it could be used to check on employee, or


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.GPS tracking can be used to monitor the location of people, vehicles, goods in transit. This is real time tracking and can locate where a person, package or vehicle is and has been. It can also be


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What can we do for you?

Call us in complete confidence that we will treat your enquiry as absolutely private. If we can help you will be told immediately what can be done and an estimate of what that might cost. We will not waste your time or money on anything beyond our scope.

Whatever your problem, tracing someone, tracking, surveillance, private and commercial investigation, fraud, and more we will advise and act on your behalf in a confidential and professional way.

Don’t be afraid to contact us in confidence

Whether you are a private person, a commercial company, or a legal firm, we can provide surveillance of people, or tracing missing persons, which may be used in matrimonial, partner issues or for legal purposes such as fraud or bad debt. We can be involved in taking witness statements and report writing or recording as evidence. This may include photographic, audio, video, recording and may include monitoring mobile phone or computer activity. While not installing security systems we can advise on the kind of security your home or business could benefit from, before you spend money on unnecessary systems.

We are able to help with insurance claims, investigating accident sites, taking witness statements, checking for possible fraudulent claims.

You may require to use tracking of people, vehicles or goods either for private surveillance or commercial employee, or fraud cases.

Sometimes this might require “mystery shopping” to check on employees level of service or possible fraud.